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See how EMS Planner has helped the Tufts EMS squad.


EMS Planner is a nationwide scheduling service designed for volunteer EMS and Fire squads that enables squad administrators to easily plan and manage their shift schedules online. The system encourages members to sign up for shifts, and then lets the squad administrator approve or reject those requests. As a social venture, EMS Planner offers this service to at a discounted rate to qualified squads.

We are growing very quickly and are continuously innovating to improve our service. By hiring the smartest and most passionate people, we can make this happen faster. As a relatively new company, there is a great opportunity for anyone who joins now to get a bunch of stock.

Please submit resumes to

Network Engineer - Part Time
You will be a key member in the growth of EMS Planner. You will be responsible for scaling the current hosting environment to support the influx of new squads and application demands. You will work very closely with the Product Engineering team to ensure the servers can efficiently run the scheduling system.

    Creative problem solving abilities
    Expertise in large hosting environments
    Excellent understanding of Linux, Windows Server, IIS, MySQL, DNS, and TCP/IP
    Operational experience with security issues and access control mechanisms
    In-depth knowledge of network monitoring and other network administrative tools
    A degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or equivalent work experience

Product Engineer - Part Time
You will be an integral part of the innovative development of EMS Planner. You will be responsible for understanding user's needs and building upon the online scheduling system. You will work very closely with the Marketing Team and the Co-Founders to specify market requirements for current and future products. In addition you will help in answering technical support questions.

    Ability to work as part of a team to solve complex technical problems
    Strong written and verbal communication skills to convey ideas, product and launch schedules, and execution of business development plans with both internal departments and customers
    Highly organized, self-motivated & consistently able to think strategically and execute tactically
    Expertise in CSS, PHP, JavaScript, XHTML, AJAX, and MySQL
    At least 2 to 5 years working on a live scalable web application
    A degree in Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction, or equivalent work experience

Sales and Advertising Manager - Part Time
Your responsibilities will include finding new squads to join EMS Planner and ensuring the continued quality of service for current members. You will be involved in the selling and buying of online advertising for EMS Planner. You will work very closely with the Sales and Advertising team to identify new sources of advertising revenue.

    Positive, outgoing personality
    Possess both strong sales and customer service skills
    Preferred experience in Healthcare (Hospital, Fire, EMS)
    2 to 4 years of sales experience
    2 to 4 years of (online) advertising experience
    Excellent written and communication skills
    Ability to use Microsoft Word and Excel
    Bachelors degree preferred
Please submit resumes to

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