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EMS Planner Case Study March 15, 2006

Dix Hills Rescue wins Regional EMS Agency of the Year award with the help of EMS Planner

The Dix Hills Fire Department was established in 1947 with its Rescue Squad formed 10 years later. To this day, both firefighters and medical personnel have been responding to requests for emergency assistance. The Dix Hills Fire Department Rescue Squad now responds to over 1,400 emergency medical calls each year and assist firefighters by responding often to an additional 800 calls each year with 50 members for a response area composed of 3 stations and 4 ambulances that cover over 20 square miles.

"EMS Planner was exactly what this squad was looking for: a system that was user friendly and able to meet the demands of multiple dynamic shifts."

Captain Frank Caria
Dix Hills Rescue
In 2005 the Dix Hills Rescue Squad changed its requirements for all members to participate in certain hours of riding time to ensure that squad members were contributing equally. Members of the squad were always required to ride on ambulance calls and be assigned a crew during the evening hours. However, those who worked shift work at night or those who could not commit to specific shifts, did not participate leaving many hours of the day not covered by volunteers.

The Captain of Dix Hills Rescue, Frank Caria, was looking for a way to change this process and increase response during certain hours of the day. He acknowledged that these changes would need to be enacted with a new shift system. He looked into several systems that were available including a computer based software system which cost thousands of dollars each year and more simplistic methods such as an spreadsheet program, but nothing suited their needs.

Late in the year, Captain Caria came across EMS Planner and began experimenting with the trial period, first testing it for a first responder schedule. EMS Planner soon became an integral aspect of the squad's operation. Within a period of one month multiple responders were actively using the system and signing up for shifts quickly and easily. Captain Caria worked closely with the supportive staff at EMS Planner to make sure his needs were met and the system continues to work out well for all of the members involved. Recently, Dix Hills EMS was the recipient of the Regional EMS Agency of the Year award. One of the things that Captain Caria attributed to his squad's success was the implementation of EMS Planner as a daytime responder system.

"EMS Planner was exactly what this squad was looking for, a system that was user friendly and able to meet the demands of multiple dynamic shifts."

"EMS Planner took much of the weight off of my shoulders as Captain of such an active squad and placed the responsibility on the members themselves who followed through in using one of the few Internet based systems that are compatible with EMS." EMTs are faced with many challenges and tasks on a daily basis. Scheduling should not be one of them.

About EMS Planner
EMS Planner is a nationwide scheduling service designed for volunteer EMS and Fire squads that enables squad administrators to easily plan and manage their shift schedules online. The system encourages members to sign up for shifts, and then lets the squad administrator approve or reject those requests. As a social venture, EMS Planner offers this service to at a discounted rate to qualified squads. For more information, visit

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