Fire Department Planner [ FD Planner ] - Plan and manage your volunteer fire department schedule online.

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Package Comparison Basic Premium
Online Scheduling: members request to work shifts and the administrator can approve or reject these requests
Fully Customizable Calendar: our easy setup wizard accommodates any type of schedule
Member Statistics: keep track of shifts and hours worked by each member
Member Privileges: restrict members from signing up for certain positions
Email Reminders: automatic notification of upcoming shifts, shift openings, assigned/rejected shift requests
Post Notices/Comments: let your squad members know everything they need to know
Technical Support: 24/7 email support
Message Board: facilitate discussion between members  
Share Files: provide members with important files in a central location  
Text Message Reminders: send notices and reminders to members' cell phone or beeper  
Details: staff members for special events  
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   * Special financing available for qualified squads

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