Fire Department Planner [ FD Planner ] - Plan and manage your volunteer fire department schedule online.
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   General Information
   · What is Fire Department Planner [ FD Planner ]?
   · Can I try Fire Department Planner [ FD Planner ] first?
   · Do I need to install anything?
   · Do I need to know or be certified in web programming language?
   · I have more questions...
   · What if my schedule is already online?
   · What is the benefit of using Fire Department Planner [ FD Planner ] over other scheduling methods?

   For General Members
   · How come I can not sign up for certain positions?
   · How do I cancel a shift that I am assigned to work?
   · How do I obtain access to my squad’s scheduling calendar?
   · How do I sign up for a shift?
   · How do I stop getting email notifications?
   · I'm having trouble logging into the website!
   · I have more questions…

   For Administrators
   · Can I assign shifts to members even though they did not register?
   · How do I approve or deny users a shift?
   · How do I delete someone from his/her shift that is also recurring consecutive shifts?
   · How do I give users access to the calendar website?
   · How do I post comments on the calendar?
   · How do I take my squad Out Of Service (OOS) or back into service?
   · What are Member Privileges?
   · What happens after I approve someone?
   · What happens to the members, that share the same date, shift, and position, who I didn’t approve but didn’t reject?
   · Where is the Review Shift link?
   · What are the differences between an Administrator, Moderator, General Member, and Observer?
   · I have more questions…

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